What is Gastro Food?  Gastronomy is the study of the relationship between food and culture.  It's the combined practice of preparation, production and service combine with the art of preparing and serving rich or delicate appetizing food.  Every dish is detailed to the last ingredient.  When you come to my truck, be thinking comfort food with a twist.  I can't wait to meet you.

"Elevated cuisine"


"Comfort food with a twist"

At a time when the future is changing for all of us, James Deimling has also decided to make a change and hang up his chef coat and kitchen clogs for a t-shirt and pair of red Van sneakers.  The Red Diamond Gastro Truck is the perfect outlet for James to showcase his passion and true love for cooking in a venue of his own, one that allows for James to just do him and share his love for food with all. 

Being a native of Woodland Park, James began his love for cooking and serving people at an early age of 13 from the ORIGINAL Donut Mill.  At 17 years old James began his culinary training at the Colorado Mountain College Culinary Program Keystone, where he was classically trained in French techniques while working in some of Colorado’s top-rated restaurants.  After graduation James moved to Seattle, Washington where he continued to perfect his skills opening the new Four Seasons Luxury Hotel in downtown.  Since then he has held Executive Chef positions at properties such as the Westin Westminster, Keystone Lodge and Spa and the Colorado Springs Marriott.  Oh…and James also spent some time as a personal chef for the Denver Broncos!  (Ask him what they eat sometime.) ​

James Deimling
Owner, Creator, Chef, Gastronome


Unique, rare, and one of a kind!

After 19 years of life and cooking, James decided to bring his talents home and offer Woodland Park something unique.  A gastro food truck is James’ perfect outlet for creativity, fun, and diverse food options.  Red Diamond is a nickname given to James sparked by his red hair.  Red Diamond best describes James and his chef talents; unique and one of a kind.  At Red Diamond Gastro Truck you can expect a fresh rotating menu based on seasonal ingredients and whatever twist James decides to come up with to impress.